“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”   

~ Anatole France 

A non-profit organization, RAKSHA, as the name suggests, devotes itself unconditionally to protect and work for the rights and welfare of animals and birds. The same spark of life that is within you is within animals, the desire to live is the same within all of us. Keeping in mind the very thought, Rohit Gangwal founded the organization in 2003 along with a group of students.

The number of passionate individuals working for this noble cause has been increasing ever since. We believe in educating people on various conservative initiatives so that they reach out to save the ones in need. Raksha has a dedicated helpline for birds and snakes in Jaipur and has saved over 15,000 birds and animals till date.

Through the merging of science and compassion, we envision a world where all species matter, and each day, we work towards this goal. We do this by providing expert rehabilitative care, an emergency response team and educational awareness for the local community. Today the organization identifies itself as a family welcoming new members with open arms and warm hearts.


Dr. Alka Kumar

Board Member

Tanya Gupta

Outreach Officer

Nishant Shukla

Pooja Mishra

Neha Lakhani

Manan Tholia Jain


Kalpana Gupta


Dr. Sunaina Gupta

honorarium doctor

Dr. Sanjita Sharma

honorarium doctor

Dr. Piyush Shastri

honorarium doctor

Dr. Mohini Subhedar

honorarium doctor

Dr. Vishnu Sharma

honorarium doctor

Sunita Jain

Board Member

Rajeev Palawat

Board Member

Dr. Rakesh Mishra

honorarium doctor

Hitesh Adwani

Board Member

Rohit Gangwal


Raj Kumar Ajmera

Board Member