Jaipur Bird and Snake Helpline : +91- 9828500065

Jaipur Animal Helpline : +91 - 8696127000

Our Mission
Our Mission

Raksha started the first Bird Helpline in Jaipur and since that day we are growing in our capacity. We now run Bird, Reptile, and Animal helpline for Jaipur city. The helplines are focused on Injured/ Paralysed birds, Reptiles in personal premises, Wild and Stray animals as well as Orphan Baby Birds. These are free for citizens of Jaipur and there is no cost associated. Though if someone donates, all donations go towards welfare.


As an environmental organization, we are keenly aware of the diminishing greenery in Jaipur with the rapid urbanization of the city. Our goal is to convert the unoccupied/ available land into Forest with High-end green cover and grassland in association with the concerned Government department. We have also collaborated with Government schools to use unoccupied lands and do plantation.


Our team is dedicated to protecting lives and providing rights to Animals who are as humane as any other being on this planet but do not have the means to raise their voice against injustice or cruelty towards them. There is a lot of Animal-Human conflicts where we intervene and solve as per the best interest. We are dedicated towards Stray Animals as well as they are the ones most ignored in society and go through a lot of cruelty and sufferings.


Awareness is the key to a long run of activity. There is no sense of organization doing on-ground activities and making an impact. It will only go-long way and make a bigger impact if citizens are well aware and know-how. Citizens need to understand the difference between wrong and right for the voiceless and should be aware to know what to do if anything wrong is happening. Just doing Plantation and Animal rescue is necessity but awareness amongst citizens is important for their need in society.

Clean Forest

Waste is destroying the lives of Birds, Animals, and Plants. Jaipur is a vast city with Lakhs of Tourists visiting daily. Not just monuments but citizens and tourists visit Water bodies and Forests as well and knowingly and unknowingly end up throwing waste here and there. We collectively through our efforts, collect and clean such waste and get it disposed of via authorities.


To accomplish its mission, Raksha has dedicated Helpline numbers so that every person can help save the Birds, Reptiles, and Animals. If anyone spots any Bird or Animal in suffering, we request them not to turn a Blind Eye but to call on our helpline numbers and save lives.

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