Jaipur Bird and Snake Helpline : +91- 9828500065

Jaipur Animal Helpline : +91 - 8696127000

What We Do
What We Do
Bird Rescue

Every year, during Makar Sankranti in Jaipur, Thousands of birds become victims of numerous glass kite-strings in the sky. Or, there are other times when birds get injured due to electrical poles. Whatever may be the situation, anyone who sees an injured bird can reach out to our Rescue Team through a dedicated helpline number.

As soon as the Bird Rescue Team receives a call, it reaches the site to Rescue and provides primary treatment to the injured bird. If the rescued bird needs further treatment, it is then shifted to our medically equipped Shelter Home, where its injuries are nursed by veterinary Doctors.


What We Do
Animal Rescue

In the last few years, Jaipur has exponentially grown in terms of Area and Infrastructure. With the limited resources and organisations across, there was a need for Rescue and Treatment. Being a small organisation it was not possible for us to come up with Treatment facility so we joined hands with organisations and supported them with Rescue Ambulance. We're on an average rescuing 80 Street Animals a month.

We just don't rescue we make sure after the animal is fine, we release them back on the same spot it was rescued from.

What We Do
Reptile Rescue

With the onset of Monsoon, when there is too much moisture in the ground, it’s quite usual for snakes to emerge out of their homes in land for oxygen. As a result, sometimes they end up entering the premises of our homes, or offices in search of nesting sites, hunting for their prey, or purely by accident.

Snakes, known as poisonous reptiles owing to myths, compel people to take immediate action by killing them. In order to ensure prevention of such killing, we have a dedicated Snake Helpline where one can reach out to our Rescue them. Our team of trained professionals rescues the reptile and immediately releases into a suitable natural environment.

After the rescue, callers are made aware of differences between venomous and non-venomous snakes and informed about prevention techniques. This helps in clearing misconceptions about reptiles and helps us all together save as many snakes as possible.

What We Do

The meat industry constitutes not only 15% of greenhouse gas emissions but is also accountable for 80% cruelty towards animals. In conformity with the mission to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040, Team Raksha strives for a world where healthy and delicious food is not a detriment to the life of animals or affects the environment in any way. We regularly organise Awareness Programmes throughout the city to awaken the human conscience by informing people about slight changes that can be brought in our lifestyles that can help reduce animal menaces such as reducing or abandoning the use of leather, fur, or other animal’s products, less consumption of meat, dairy, or other related products.

What We Do

Trees are the lungs of our planet which are needed to sustain life on Earth (Environment and Biodiversity). With the ever-increasing impact of climate change and simultaneous deforestation, the world is on the verge of catastrophe. Plantation is not just putting the plant inside the soil, it also involves commitment of taking care for 3 years of the sapling. 

To promote the cause of saving our environment, Raksha organises Tree Plantation Drives across the city, every year during the onset of Monsoon. We also maintain that the plants are well-nurtured after the plantation.

Team Raksha is supported by numerous people who share the same passion and zeal to make our surroundings cleaner and greener, in their project called ‘ADOPT A PLANT’ in Jaipur. Each participant of the campaign is encouraged to plant at least one sapling and is guided about the ideal surroundings and needs of the plants.

What We Do
World Wildlife Week

India is a mega-storehouse of various species and it is of absolute importance to ensure Preservation and Conservation of Wildlife, as human life and its ways evolves constantly, harming wildlife and the environment. Wildlife Conservation means the management of wildlife such that human progress does not hinder the progress of any form of being or disturb the balance of our Ecosystem. Every year, from October 1-7, the Indian Board of Wildlife (IBWL) observes Wildlife Week to arouse a general awakening among people towards wildlife protection.

To address Wildlife Conservation issues among people, Raksha undertakes awareness activities during World Wildlife Week through various modes of communication. Our Team organises sessions in many schools of Jaipur to educate students about reptile and mammal conservation. Other than this, we promote the importance of wildlife and their conservation among students, parents, and other groups of people including employees of zoos during the week.

What We Do
Bird Rehabilitation And Shelter

When a bird is severely injured, it is taken to a medically equipped Shelter home for catering to its injuries by trained doctors. We ensure that as long as the bird is not ready for its flight, it is given a home at our Shelter. After its treatment, the Rehabilitation of a bird begins. The process involves feeding the birds every day, providing regular medicine intake, and meeting its physiological needs by replicating its natural environment.

In order to provide intensive care and fostering services for Egglings, Hatchlings, and Fledgelings, Raksha opened Rajasthan’s first and only Bird Orphanage in 2013. Our first and foremost aim is to strive to reunite the baby birds with their parents but when all efforts prove to be ineffectual, they are brought to the orphanage. The innovative techniques of rehabilitation process employed for these birds has helped to decrease the high mortality rate among the baby birds. The baby birds are nurtured and accompanied by foster mother birds or old ones to teach them to fly, search for food in nature, and recover. Since March 2018, we have successfully rehabilitated over 200 Baby birds of different species like Parakeets, Hawks, Sparrows, Kingfishers, Ducklings, Herons, etc.

What We Do
Animal Shelter

Raksha is devoted to protecting birds as well as other animals like dogs, cows, or other mammals. In 2017, we introduced Animal Helpline to rescue injured animals.

Until Raksha manages to form a self-managed Animal Shelter, we have collaborated and formed an association with various Jaipur based organisations that aid us in providing treatment to the animals, rescued by us at their shelter homes.

What We Do
Cleanliness Drive

A healthy and clean environment is the key to living a better life as well as to ensuring a safe atmosphere for birds, animals, and marine life. Moreover, with climate change that is affecting the whole planet at an alarming rate, it is our responsibility as citizens of this planet to achieve a vision of prosperous, clean, and hygienic environment.

In order to achieve this goal, Team Raksha regularly organises cleanliness drives in Forest Reserves, Rivers, Ponds, Streets, etc., and removes all kinds of Plastics and other garbage from our natural surroundings. The cleanliness Campaigns help make people aware about importance of a clean environment and evoke a sense of responsibility for active citizenship among people. To accelerate awareness about how to combat climate change and plastic removal in our own small way, we organise workshops for students in schools for making bags out of newspaper to reuse and avoid plastic bags usage.

What We Do
Water Bowl and Tank Installation
Jaipur’s hottest season of summer extends from April to June with temperatures ranging from 32°C to 45°C. This extreme weather and scarcity of water make the birds and animals vulnerable to dying of heart-strokes. To protect our Biodiversity, Team Raksha distributes and installs water bowls across colonies of Jaipur with the help of citizens and volunteers. Volunteers also inform people about the necessity of saving birds and animals and they pledge to fill the water bowls and tanks regularly. This activity not only focuses on creating a sustainable ecosystem but also develops a bond between citizens and their local birds and street animals.
What We Do
Animal Advocacy & Awareness

Raksha strives to fight against animal cruelty and defending animal rights by voicing the rights of the voiceless creatures. Awareness drives advocating the rights of animals is organised amongst people of the city so that everyone can together safeguard their rights. It gives the people an opportunity to think and act outside purview of their own lives and contribute towards a safer environment for all the creatures on this planet.

What We Do

To ensure the complete welfare of animals, Raksha promotes adapting Vegetarianism as a means of ethical living for the environment. We conduct Humane Eating Outreach Programmes at schools, community centers, and public parks to make people aware about the humane treatment of animals and to have compassion towards all sentient beings. This sensitises students and others about the barbarity behind the meat industry how our diet, and lifestyle can contribute to immense suffering to animals.

In order to reach out to more people, we distribute leaflets and encourage people to further share the message with their friends and family.


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