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About Us

In 2003, a small group of inspired individuals came together to start a movement for Wildlife Rights and Conservation. With mutual passion to serve the animals in danger and cater to the needs of the injured wildlife, this team started Raksha, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Jaipur.

Raksha, as the literal meaning suggests, is committed to the PROTECTION of Animals, Birds, and Reptiles against inhumane behavior as well as the Environment against exploitation and unsustainable practices.

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What We Do

Bird Rescue

Every year, during Makar Sankranti in Jaipur, Thousands of birds become victims of numerous glass kite-strings in the sky. Or, there are other times when birds get injured due to electrical poles.

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Animal Rescue

In the last few years, Jaipur has exponentially grown in terms of Area and Infrastructure. With the limited resources and organisations across, there was a need for Rescue and Treatment.

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Reptile Rescue

With the onset of Monsoon, when there is too much moisture in the ground, it’s quite usual for snakes to emerge out of their homes in land for oxygen. As a result, sometimes they end up entering the premises of our homes.

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The meat industry constitutes not only 15% of greenhouse gas emissions but is also accountable for 80% cruelty towards animals. In conformity with the mission to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040.

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Trees are the lungs of our planet which are needed to sustain life on Earth (Environment and Biodiversity). With the ever-increasing impact of climate change and simultaneous deforestation, the world is on the verge of catastrophe.

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World Wildlife Week

India is a mega-storehouse of various species and it is of absolute importance to ensure Preservation and Conservation of Wildlife, as human life and its ways evolves constantly, harming wildlife and the environment.

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Our Projects

It's not just okay to Rescue snakes from Homes, Industries, Offices, Schools, etc. but the real effectiveness comes in when people are aware of the real facts of Snakes. Our motive is to just let people don't kill the Reptiles so we aware masses and students by various outreach programs. We have been doing awareness across Jaipur Urban and Rural areas and telling communities about the importance of maintaining the Ecosystem and important role being played by Reptiles and Snakes.

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