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Bird Treatment Camp

With numerous birds facing problem, one of the main focuses of Raksha is the rescue, rehabilitation and release of birds.

Water bowl project

The increase in temperature and scarcity of water leads to many birds dying of heatstroke. Team Raksha with the help of citizens and volunteers installs water bowls in different colonies of Jaipur.

Snake Rescue

The snakes are released in a suitable natural environment. After the rescue, the callers are educated with the information on difference between venomous and non venomous snakes as well as prevention techniques.

World Wildlife Week

To arouse a general awakening in the common man in favour of protection of wildlife, the Indian Board of Wild Life (IBWL) observes Wildlife Week every year from October 1 – 7

Bird Orphanage

The general idea is always to first attempt to reunite baby birds with their parents. But when all efforts prove to be ineffectual, they are brought to the orphanage.

Tree Plantation

Every year in early monsoon days Raksha along with Blossom organises various tree plantations across the city.