With numerous birds facing problem, one of the main focuses of Raksha is the rescue, rehabilitation and release of birds. We have a helpline number (98285-00065) dedicated to rescuing birds. Further, for the process of rehabilitation and release, we organised the first Bird Treatment Camp(BTC) in Jaipur in 2006.

The BTC operates with a 4-step program:

1. Rescue and First-Aid: Most of the rescued birds suffer (use a better word than shock) and in order to revive them, they are given proper medications. Once their revival is ensured, they are released at the rescue site.

2. Treatment: If the rescued birds need further treatment, they are shifted to smaller cages and their injuries are addressed by a veterinarian.

3. Rehabilitation: After treatment by a veterinarian the bird enters the rehab process. This includes regular medicines intake, dietary supplements and meeting the physiological needs of the birds by replicating their natural habitat.

4. Release: The combination of three assessments (feed, perching, and flight patterns) is used to evaluate if a bird is ready to be released into the wild. After careful evaluation, the bird is released into a suitable natural habitat.


  • Client: ThemeForest Builder
  • Architect: Richardson and Sandra
  • Builder: GraphicRiver Builder Corporate
  • Budget: $1 250 000,00