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World Wildlife Week

Our lives would be very much poorer without the varied forms of organisms that build up the balance of nature. Wildlife preservation in fact implies active and planned wildlife management under which all forms of life would progress side by side with human progress, each in its own sphere of influence and utility and without any detriment to human interests. In fact, it is with this end in view that wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been established and developed in suitable localities all over the country.

Therefore, in order to arouse a general awakening in the common man in favour of protection of wildlife, the Indian Board of Wild Life (IBWL) decided to observe the Wildlife Week and since then from October 1 - 7 every year organize different activities related to wildlife conservation to commemorate this week.

Every year around this time (October 1 to 7) governments, environmentalists, activists, educators organize different activities to accelerate the awareness of wildlife conservation among people. India, being a mega-storehouse of various species, is also able to manage several conferences, awareness programmes, and public meetings among the nature lovers. Schools and educational institutions organize events such as wildlife related movie screening, painting competition/essay writing/ debate competition for young children with wild life as the theme.  

However the seriousness of celebrating Wildlife Week is not only to educate or create awareness about wildlife among young people like school children and general public but also work with the government and help them form policies and design strategies favouring solutions that address wildlife conservation issues in today’s changing circumstances.

Raksha being an animal welfare organization took a similar initiative to promote wildlife conservation through various modes of communication.

Our target was not just the visitors to the zoo that include parents , school going children and various other age group of people but also the different staff who are employed in Zoo but are still not aware of the importance of these animals  and the role they play in the ecosystem. During World Wildlife Week, our Team educated more than 8,000 students of different schools of Jaipur about reptiles and mammal conservation .