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Educational Awareness


  • Along this program we take an opportunity to  educate the general mass about different species of snakes found around them. Species identification helps reduce the fear of snakes in people which in turn prevent their killing and helps in habitat protection.  
  • Apart from targeting big schools in city area, our team also focuses on small government schools in the city outskirts. These are the places where maximum snake bites and human animal conflicts are recorded.

2). Educational Awareness in schools and colleges about wildlife conservation:  

  • Our basic objective while starting this project was to develop a youth force to fight against animal cruelty and defend animal rights. To achieve this, one of the Team’s programs is Educational Awareness in schools and colleges.
  • Components of this program are developing compassion in the minds of students, making them aware of the nature, the need of conserving wildlife, knowledge of the legislations related to Animal rights, importance of plantation, non-usage of leather and Vegetarianism.


  • Nukkad Nataks and Mock Rally were held in different corners across the city to aware more and more people about it.
  • The rally saw participation of enthusiastic students who were really willing to help us in the noble cause of saving Birds.
  • Raksha conducts rally and demonstrations every year to aware the mass about this grave issue of  birds’ massacre which leaves nothing but a trail of blood. Suck kind of activities have very hard impact on the mindset and helps reduce the cases.
  • Through such activities one gets sensitized about the ill effects of manjha on not just birds but also humans. 

4). Educational awareness through workshops: Raksha Members Time to Time organize various workshops to educate society members.