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Birding Fair

The Man Sagar is teemed with birds during winters which is celebrated as the annual bird fair in Pink City. Compared to previous years, the lake has significantly improved. The stench is now a thing of the past, but there is still a lot that needs to be done to restore the eco-system of the lake. Though the lake is restored for its visual and aesthetic attributes, the aquatic ecology was dismal and had led to over 25% decline in the population of migratory as well as local birds during the last year.

A stall was set up by team Raksha at 15th Birding fair held at Mansagar Lake. Knowledge about the migratory birds coming to Man Sagar Lake protection and cleaning of the Man Sagar Lake. Team Raksha organized 2 question answer sessions each day with the students and panel of experts, and gave out gifts as a token of appreciation for the selected best questions. The aim was to motivate students to know more, and think clearly.

  • BTC
  • Bird Orphanage
  • Save Jhalana
  • Bird rescues
  • Snake recues
  • Educational Awareness
  • Habitat Protection
  • Global Warming

Like every year, Raksha came forward during both the days and spread the messages amongst the huge crowd that came at Man Sagar lake. Many volunteers were helping the children from different schools to know about birds and the problems being faced by them. Also, helped them to identify many birds which will inculcate hobby of bird watching in them.