Voice of the Voiceless !

Helpline Number : +91 98285 00065 

About Us

RAKSHA is a youth based organization located in Jaipur working for animal welfare and rights. Also Raksha is known for its noble work in which Raksha provides a free service of Snake and Bird 24*7 Helpline to the Jaipur. Founded in 2003, RAKSHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protect urban wildlife. Through the merging of science and compassion, we envision a world where every species matters. And each day, we work towards this goal by providing expert rehabilitative care, emergency response and compelling education for the world.

Our team carries out the following programs throughout the year:

  • Rescue reptiles.
  • Save injured birds both wild and domestic.
  • Educational awareness in schools, colleges and villages.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints.
  • Promote Vegetarianism.
  • Promote Adoption of Indian Dogs and Cats.
  • Plantation drive.
  • Nature Trek and Bird Watching Programs.
  • Educational field trips
  • Water bowl project in summer.
  • Snake bite management training program for Corporate.
  •  Raids on Charmers / Cruelty cases


Our Campaigns

  • Save our Feathered Friends Campaign
  • Plastic Cow Campaign
  • Humane EATING (in collaboration with Humane Society International).
  • Circle of Compassion


Our annual events include:

  • Free Bird Treatment Camp
  • Temp. Bird Hospital
  • Bharatpur trip
  • Ahimsa Rally
  • Stall at Birding Fair
  • Participation in Wildlife Census


We are working towards the development of:

  • Bird Helpline
  • Well-equipped rescue center for birds and snakes, with a rescue vehicle (ambulance)